Quantum risk Calculator


Qubits are the basic unit of quantum information and are able to hold far more information than classical bits. This metric quantifies the number of qubits implemented in solid state superconducting quantum computers. We expect that the number of available qubits will grow exponentially in time in the near future. The optimistic assumption is that the number will double every 10 months whereas the less optimistic assumption assumes the number doubles every 20 months. The data points are taken from the following table:

Number of qubitsYearReference
22013Córcoles, A.D. (et al.) two_qubit
52014Barends (et al.) at_the_surface
32014Chow (et al.) scalable
52016IBM (2016) ibm_cloud
162017IBM (2017) ibm_bouble
202017Reynolds google
492018Reynolds google
1272021IBM (2021) ibm_eagle
4332022IBM (2022) ibm_osprey
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