Quantum risk Calculator

Gate Infidelity

Gate infidelity is used to measure how noisy a quantum gate is. We assume that the gate infidelity will continue to drop exponentially but that this development will stall at an infidelity of 5 · 10−7 (optimistic case) or 5 · 10−6 (less optimistic case). For the optimistic case we expect that the gate infidelity will continue to follow DeVincenzo’s law which predicts a reduction of the infidelity by a factor of 2 per year. The data points are taken from the following table:

gate fidelityyearreference
0.93472013Córcoles, A. D. (et al.) process_verf
0.962014Chow (et al.) scalable
0.972015Córcoles, A.D. (et al.) error_detection
0.992016Sheldon (et al.) tuning_up
0.9952017Reynolds google
0.9972018Reynolds google
0.999142024Quantinuum quantinuum
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